Journal of Karos Rynenguard Entry # 3

I finally made my way into the city, I’ve been in here for a while, I’m trying to find the source of the spell, see where it’s coming from, and perhaps maybe I can put an end to it.  I’m beginning to feel restless though, the sun’s beginning to come up and I hadn’t had any rest at all last night.  The other three are probably starting to wonder where I’m at by now.  They’ll most likely decide to search this place eventually. But I can’t wait for them, I need to keep moving forward, and break free from this spell.


Journal of Karos Rynenguard Entry # 2

It’s night time now, and I finally decided to pay a visit to this mysterious ancient city, I’m at the gates right now, I just got finished crossing the bridge. The more I get closer, the stronger the urge is to not turn back, every part of me is just telling me to move forward, without any hesitation…  I need to find a way to get this gate open, if I’m lucky enough, there’s another way inside…

As I Fall Into Darkness

Greetings Bloggers! As I Fall Into Darkness is a book that I had just recently published, it is about a man named Karos who has been chosen by the Gods to destroy the Darklord, Elon, who has been trapped in the realm of Elangon for ten thousand centuries but is now returning to the two worlds (Telmaria and DIstara) to distroy them.  Along Karos’ journey he is able to build up the strength and courage he never knew he had was inside. And is able to learn a very important moral lesson that no matter how hard the road may be… there will always be a way out of your predicaments.

Journal of Karos Rynenguard Entry # 1

Dear Diary, the four of us, me, Giliden, Deraline, and Aria were on our way to Inenburg the city of Elves. And somehow we have lost our trail and now we’ve gotten ourselves lost in this dense forest.  Though, we have seem to come across this massive city that appears to have been abandoned for quite a good while.  The other three don’t seem to have any interest in going inside.. But there’s something deep inside the city that makes me want to lure towards it, like some kind of spell, and I can’t fight it…